Who We Are

More To Show is an international creative agency based in Brussels, Los Angeles, Shanghai and Adelaide, specialised in (lighting) design and technical direction. Our team consists of a variety of profiles to ensure that we can meet any challenge and any project. From set and lighting designers, production designers, content creators and a full 3D studio capable of producing high quality renders, VR walkthroughs and apps, to production, project and technical managers, we are here for you and your project. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a complete package of services, providing our clients with a one-stop shop for everything from ideation and creation to implementation and production.

(Lighting) Design & Technical Direction for/in:
-      Entertainment & Music Industry
-      Fashion
-      Luxury & Private
-      Retail & Architecture
-      Institutional
-      TV & Films

Meet Our Team

Jordi Vandekerkhof

Founder & Executive Creative Director

English, French & Dutch

HQ: Brussels

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Othello Van Veerdegem

Commercial Lead Los Angeles

English, Dutch

Los Angeles

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Caroline Wlodarczyk

Executive Assistant

French, English & Polish

HQ: Brussels

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Cedric Duré

Lighting Programmer & Operator

English & Dutch

HQ: Brussels

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Florian Declercq

Junior Lighting Programmer & Operator

French & English


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Joost Rombaut

Junior Assistant Technical Director

English & Dutch

HQ: Brussels

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Kilian Delcorte

Assistant Technical Director

French, English, Dutch


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Dorien Ots

Marketing Director

Dutch & English

HQ: Brussels

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Michaela Armani

Creative Intern

Dutch, English, Greek


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Pierre-Olivier Scheid

Senior Project Manager

French, Dutch & English


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Iva Mikailov

Technical Manager

French, English


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Andy Van Cauwenbergh

Creative & Technical Manager

Dutch, English & French


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Christopher Bolton

Client Director & Senior Designer

English, Afrikaans & Zulu

HQ: Adelaide

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Deborah Kong

Independent Project Manager

English, Putonghua & Cantonese

HQ: Shangai

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Tammy Cheung

Client Director & Video Director

English, Putonghua & Cantonese

HQ: Shangai

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Meet Our Offices

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Office under construction

Rue de la Croix de Pierre 85
1060 Brussels, Belgium

222 Tianping Road
Xuhui District - Shanghai, China

48a Waratah Street
Seacliff 5049, Australia


For us it is important to be up to every challenge. That is why we are constantly educating ourselves, learning and testing ourselves to ensure our team is up to the task. This is why, we call ourselves entertainment architects:  we do not want to be pigeonholed into something that limits what we can do. We tend to collaborate frequently with various freelancers and vendors to ensure we are delivering exactly what is needed for the project, entering into project-based joint ventures and curating the talent we need.

At More To Show, we believe that no two projects are alike. Therefore, we have ensured that we have a variety of in-house services that allow us to be flexible to each individual project. However, we also believe in working with external talents and teams, bringing them in when needed for a specific project, because no two projects are the same, and the same goes for the team.

Because of this mindset, we have a 3D studio, a production team, a design team, and an operations team within the company. Each of these teams has its own specialty and expertise. Our 3D studio specializes in still and moving renderings in a photorealistic manner. We have the ability to extend these "normal" renderings into virtual, augmented and application-based presentations that meet all projects and clients' requirements.

Our Internal Studios


Photorealistic Renders
Completely Animated Photorealistic Video Renders
VR Walkthrough Renders & Animations
Application based Walkthrough Renders & Animations


Lighting Design
Set & Production Design
Content Creation & Management
Video Design
Audio Design
Parametric Design


Production Management
Production Direction
Planning & Supplier Management
Budget Management & Forecasting


Technical DesignSystem EngineeringStrucural EngineeringTechnical plans & CalculationsPlanning & Supply Management

How We Work

At More To Show, we have a variety of skills and time zones; thanks to this advantage, we can create a customised core team for each project, based on the needs of the client, the project and the deadlines. Thanks to the different services, skills and time zones our team has at its disposal, we are able to meet almost any need at any time, 24/7.


Together with our core team, the client, all partners and our internal team, we define an initial artistic direction, a storyline and a strategy that we can develop in the next phases.


As a team, we start refining the artistic direction, storyline and strategy. We develop the first realistic plans and renderings and create prototypes to ensure that our calculations and ideas work.


Once the schematic design is approved, we move to design development. Working with all partners, we develop a (lighting) plan that meets the needs of clients, installers, designers and visitors.


After all parties have signed off on the design development, the construction phase begins. During the construction phase, we oversee the work in progress, supporting, guiding and managing the teams to ensure the outcome is what was intended.


After all the technical equipment is in place, we verify that everything is working as intended, that all fixtures are installed as planned, and that we have full control of the setup, and begin programming the show in collaboration with all partners until rehearsals and verification by the client.


Depending on the duration of the project: after the first shows, our core team integrates a local team to run the show for the next period. During a certain period, our core team works hand in hand with the local team to facilitate the handover. A senior staff member stays on site for a few more shows to make sure everything is running smoothly. After this time, our team hands over control to the local team and returns home. Our team returns on time (frequency determined in advance) to do a general review, focus, and make adjustments to ensure the design remains as intended and the show runs smoothly.


We like to end each project with a feedback moment with all partners to discuss the process and make sure everyone finishes the project feeling good.