At More To Show, we place great importance on protecting the environment. To this end, we own and maintain a forest to offset the carbon footprint of our offices. All employees receive an unlimited public transportation pass, for both work and personal use, to reduce our carbon footprint. And if we have to resort to other modes of transport, we ensure that the CO2 consumption is offset. All company cars are either hybrid or fully electric.


It is in our interest, and in the planet's one, that when we design and produce a project, we make sure that the designs are sustainable and environmentally friendly, while meeting the creative and practical needs of our clients.


As we begin this new phase of our existence, we want to ensure that the impact of our designs and productions is not only minimal, but positive. We work hand-in-hand with our clients and suppliers to find ways to offset the carbon footprint created by our projects. We consult with our clients to offset the carbon footprint of their projects, and we do this by working closely with them to find ways to create green projects worth reporting on.